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Whether your field of study is nursing or obstetrics, you can order all your didactic material here.  For us, fake wounds are a real passion.  Every day we aim to offer your the very best quality.

Fake Wounds offers that little bit extra

The materials we use to create our products are made of latex and can be modified according to your wishes.  This means we can offer you a variety of products.  At Fake Wounds, we strive to work only with the best materials.  This way, we clearly distinguish ourselves from what party goods have to offer.

We also take into account that certain modifications may be necessary.  We even provide more specific alterations like perforations needed for drainage.  If you wish to add even more options, please contact us.  We happily discuss the possibilities with you.

Fake Wounds does not just provide didactic material.  We also create custom-made wounds.  To do this, we thoroughly discuss the wishes and the needs with the people responsible or the teachers.

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